Ratio and Proportion
Topics: Classical conditioning, Behaviorism, Operant conditioning / Pages: 2 (500 words) / Published: Jul 11th, 2012

Lesson Guide for Chapter 7: Ratio and Proportion
Write a proportion problem. Design the problem so that the solution is “Leslie would need 16 gal ofgasoline in order to travel 368 mi.”
-Leslie drove from her house to the grocery store last monday the grocery store is 2.875 miles away from her house. She used 1/4 gallon of gas driving to the grocery and back home. At this rate how many gallons of gas would she use to drive to her parents house who lives 368 miles away?
--I am not sure that I understand the question fully but I am going to give it a try:Leslie is planning on visiting her sister who lives 368 miles away. The car that Leslie is planning on driving to visit her sister tank only holds 16 gallon of gas. Leslie’s car gets 23 miles per gallon. How many times will Leslie need to stop to fill up? Crystal

Classical conditioning and operant conditioning are two ways in which learning occurs in some animals, including humans. Provide one example of each type of conditioning from your own life. Explain step-by-step how the conditioning occurred. What would it take to unlearn this behavior? Top of Form
Question 1 1. -------------------------------------------------
You are a pronounced behaviorist. Which statement most closely aligns with your beliefs?

| | Latent learning occurs without any direct reinforcement. | | | Operant conditioning uses consequences that the organism thinks are annoying or satisfying. | | | Learning includes not only changes in behavior, but also changes in thoughts and expectations. | | | Observable events and acts are the focus of psychological research. |
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You are seeking to perform an experiment very similar to that of Pavlov. You begin by placing some drops of milk onto a cat's tongue, and you notice that she begins to salivate. After several trips to the lab, the cat begins to salivate

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