Ratio and Interval Scale Data

Topics: United States, Demography, Unemployment Pages: 4 (1132 words) Published: April 2, 2011
Team C has chosen to write about CIA Global Demographics Set. The task is to propose 30 or more observations of ratio and interval scale data. Five countries were chosen to focus on and compare. Analyzing Nigeria, United States, Canada, Norway, and Brazil ought to prove interesting as they each have varying gross national product, life expectancy, unemployment, and literacy rates, and other opportunities. The 5-7 references will be from individual websites on each country as we learn more about them doing this research. Identifying a problem, issue, or opportunity from the data sets will be the focus of Team C.

Purpose of the Research
By studying the data set provided by CIA Global Demographics, team C hopes to understand the drivers of life expectancy in the countries of Nigeria, the United States, Canada, Norway, and Brazil. To the naked eye, the data quickly shows that there is a huge disparity of life expectancy between these different countries. Some of these countries have a life expectancy of as low as 48 years old, and some have a life expectancy of as high as 80 years old.

It is possible that the data will show commonality between the higher life expectancy countries versus the lower life expectancy countries. However, you would assume that if life expectancy is good you would automatically expect that the economic health of the given country would be good as well. The research will attempt to analyze the demographic data provided by CIA Global Demographics and see if life expectancy is in fact affected by the population size, literacy of each country, unemployment rate, their exports, imports, natural resources, etc.

Life expectancy is important to understand because it not only measures the economic health of the country, but most importantly it measures the health of the society. For example, based on the CIA Global Demographics life expectancy for the United States is 78 years old. In the paper, Variation in Life Expectancy...
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