Rating of Learning Outcomes under the K12

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Module 2: Rating of Learning Outcomes under the K to 12
Lesson 5: Nature and Purposes of Assessment

Identify the Nature and Purposes of Assessment
Understand the Nature and Purposes of Assessment
And learn the Nature and Purposes of Assessment for future applications

Classroom Assessment as defined:
Classroom assessment can be defined as the collection, interpretation and use of information to help teachers make better decisions. Thus, assessment is more than testing and measurement. (McMillan, 1997)

Nature and Purpose of Assessment

Nature of Assessment
1. Maximum Performance
It is used to determine what individuals can do when performing at their best. Examples of instruments using maximum performance are aptitude tests and achievement tests. Nature of Assessment
2. Typical Performance
It is used to determine what individuals will do under natural conditions. Examples of instruments using typical performance are attitude, interest, and personality inventories, observational techniques and peer appraisal.

Purposes of Assessment
There are four purposes of assessment according to Wyatt (1988). These are: to inform the teacher about a student’s progress;
to inform the students about their progress;
to inform others about the student’s progress (parents and future teachers) and; to provide information for the public

These Purposes can be sum up into three:
Assessment for Learning
Teachers use the student’s prior knowledge as a starting point of instruction. Assessment of Learning
Or summative assessment is done after instruction.
Assessment as Learning
Is done for teachers to understand and perform well their role of assessing for and of learning.

Reported by: Bianca Rabang 2nd yr- BSEd Biology
Finn J
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