Ratifying the Constitution

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Ratifying the Constitution

Due to the monarchial rule under George III the people lacked governmental power. There are two sides to ratifying the Constitution. The Federalists who want to adopt the Constitution and the Antifederalists who wanted to keep the Articles of Confederation. Many Antifederalists believed that the governmental power should rest in the states, and the central government should remain weak. There were also many Federalists who believe all the problems and weaknesses would be fixed with the Constitution and bring all the states together under a strong central government.

George Washington was a Federalist. He was a strong supporter of the Constitution. He believed that the Constitution would fix the problems caused by the Articles. The Constitution would help with providing protection, the general welfare of the people and enforcing the laws. Many individuals believed that the only way to solve these major problems was the Constitution. They fought and tried to inform the people that the Constitution could also solve currency issues, international trade disagreements and to unify all under one strong government. (Doc.1&3)

Patrick Henry was an Antifederalist. He was not for the ratification of the Constitution. He believed that their rights and privileges are endangered and the states will eventually give up. Many Antifederalists believed that once the people of higher power were going to get their place in congress and take over. They mainly opposed the ideas of a strong or “big” central government. Some of their major concerns were that fact that the Constitution before the bill of rights didn’t guarantee them their individual rights. They were worried that the position of presidency could eventually turn around and become a king or dictator. (Doc.4&5)

In Conclusion the Federalists had the stronger argument. People were more concerned with providing protection for themselves, the general...
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