Rate of Diffusion Within a Liquid

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Rate of diffusion within a Liquid
In this experiment, I and my teammates choose to investigate with the temperature because in the lesson that we investigate “which will be the best method”, we find out that temperature will be a good way to choose.

To know how the temperature will affect the rate of diffusion within a liquid.

The result of the experiment will be the highest temperature will be the fastest and the lowest temperature will be the slowest.

4 cups will be set up in the lab. Two will be steamer, one will be the room temperature and one will be put in the ice. Put 2 drops of potassium permanganate in each cup and start timing. When the cups finish mixing with the potassium permanganate, then stop the stop watch. Do this experiment for 3 times then this experiment will be finish.

Temperature(oC)First Trial(Mins)Second Trail(Mins)Third Trail(Mins) 1030:2231:0929:52
7017 : 22 18 : 5817 : 43

After this experiment, I can totally find out how the temperature affects the rate of diffusion within a liquid because in the result I can definitely see the different between the temperatures in both the graph the result table. When the temperature of the water is the hottest then it will have the fastest result, if the temperature of the water is the lowest so it will have the slowest result. My conclusion is quite certain because I done all temperatures for 3 times and I didn’t make many mistakes so this will have a really high reliability.

ErrorsHow can I improve if I have a second chance
We can’t control the temperature exactly the same in those 3 times and keep the temperature stay the same.I will improve by using a more exactly equipment like the steamer or use the fringe. In the experiment, we might move the cups a bit to clear up the table.If I can do it again, I will put the cups in a good position.
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