Ratan Tata

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Culture is the art of living. According to (Indian Mirror 1999), it means the intellectual development acquired in the course of the ages in a country that is evolved out of the physical and mental training. This could be the main source problem for India’s biggest conglomerate – Tata Group. Ratan Tata joined the company after college and took over his late uncle’s business 16 years ago. He is involved in more issues than he should be. The authoritarian Tata is the chairman of key units including Tata Motors and Tata Steel and is involved in all major deals and making all the key decision.

2.1 Short Term

A bid for Jaguar and Land Rover might present an even more daunting challenge for Ratan Tata. It would be an uphill climb to restore Jaguar’s luxury cachet, which was damaged by sharing basic designs with Ford. As the organization gets bigger and more diverse, talent and retaining the value system will pose the biggest challenge in Tata Group (Engardio and Lakshman 2007)

2.2 Long Term
Succession “is a problem”. Ratan Tata is 69 years old, not married and has two dogs at his beachfront home he designed himself. He commands most Tata companies, which makes his failure to designate a successor all the more disconcerting. In Asian culture, the eldest son will take over the family business, however Tata is not married therefore he does not have any family members to take over his empire. Ratan, who is single and childless, could be the last Tata to oversee the group. His younger brother and three half-sisters aren’t involved in Tata business; his reclusive half-brother is unclear whether he’s tycoon timber (Engardio and Lakshman 2007). Ratan Tata public listed his companies, which also means his empire will still be ongoing after his departure. However, by public listing it, Tata is afraid he might lose control of his business and being so power-oriented, he dislikes his business to be controlled by others....
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