Rat Dissection Conclusion

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Kristen Johnson
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April 17, 2015

Rat Dissection Conclusion

Feeding- Mouth, teeth, tongue
Respiration- Lungs, heart, blood vessels
Movement- muscles
Reproduction- Penis Testis, Scrotum, Prostate Gland, Vagina, Ovaries Internal Transport- Large intestine, Small intestine, liver, spleen, cecum Excretion- Bladder, Kidneys
Response- Brain, Spinal Cord, Nerves



During our dissection of the rat we found similarities between humans and rats. We noticed that when we had to skin the rat it was a lot harder then we thought. We had to continuously pull and pull until the skin finally came off. When looking at the organs of the rat, we share similarities in the respiratory system, Nervous system and the cardiovascular system. In the Respiratory system the lungs, nasal cavity and trachea are the same in both the rat and humans. The rat’s liver seems to be more in the epigastric area apposed to humans in which our liver is in the right hypochondriac part of the body. The Nasal cavity and the Trachea are in the same place as humans. The respiratory system keeps blood supplied with oxygen and removes carbon dioxide. Next is the Nervous system, which responds to internal and external changes by activating muscles and glands. The nervous system contains the Brain, Spinal cord and nerves. Both Humans and rats have all three characteristics. Finally the cardiovascular system in has a Heart, and blood vessels just like humans. Both Humans and rats have their heart in the thoracic cavity of the body and blood vessels are all around the body.
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