Rappaccinis Daughter

Topics: Love, Poison, Corruption Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: March 22, 2011
Sam Sandoval
Ellen Wall
English 93, 8am
25 February 2011
Evil in Mankind
The story “ Rappaccini’s Daughter” shows that there is corruption in the world, Beatrice is the only innocent person portrayed in the story. Almost all the characters in the story are corrupt. From Giovanni showing his love, but in reality being infatuated with Beatrice, to Rappaccini committing the biggest sin, which is pride. Everyone is guilty of corruption in the story except for Beatrice. Giovanni lives in an apartment overlooking Rappaccini’s garden and makes the acquaintance of the doctor’s daughter, whose beauty and mysterious qualities fascinate him. As Giovanni looks for Beatrice everyday by his window he bares witness to her dangerous powers. “ Be that as it might, he fancied that while Beatrice was gazing at the insect with childish delight, it grew faint and fell at her feet; -- its bright wings shivered; it was dead—from no cause that he could discern, unless it were the atmosphere of her breath.”(pp.6) He is shown that she is abnormal, but he still persists on meeting her face to face despite what he has seen. Giovanni finally gets to meet her and they both become attracted to each other in a way that they start to fall in love with each other. But in reality, only Beatrice is the true lover between them both. As the story goes on Giovanni becomes poisoned similar to Beatrice. As a result Professor Baglioni reveals Giovanni an antidote for the poison that has consumed both Giovanni and Beatrice’s bodies. One might ponder if one loves another truly then why wouldn’t they accept each other for who they are. But instead Giovanni curses Beatrice, “Accursed one! Cried he, with venomous scorn and anger. And finding thy solitude wearisome, thou hast severed me, likewise, from all the warmth of life, and enticed me into thy region of unspeakable horror… thou hast filled my veins with poison! Thou hast made me as hateful, as ugly, as loathsome and deadly a creature as thyself-...
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