Rappaccinis Daughter

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Rappaccinis Daughter Story Summary
The story rappaccinis daughter takes place in Padua in northern Italy at the University of Padua. A medical student there named Giovanna Guasctonti moves into a small apartment in an old mansion that once belonged to a family of nobles. One of the former family members was thought to be the lost soul Dante a character in the define comedy Dantes Inferno. Giovanni’s apartment has a balcony view over this extravagant large garden tended by the Great physician Giacomo Rappaccini. Rappaccini and his daughter take care of the garden. One day Giovanna is looking into the garden and sees this stunning female Beatrice (the guy’s daughter) and is mesmerized by her. She is the most beautiful site his eyes have ever laid upon. One day while looking into the garden he sees Mr. rappaccini tending these purple blossoms and while doing so he has to use a mask and gloves so he doesn’t inhale the plants “breathe” he then calls his daughter Beatrice to come here and she is told she is to tend to this certain shrub. Beatrice calls the plant her sister and is able to breathe in the plant and it has no effect on her. She calls this the breathe of live While at the school the next day Giovanni meets and has lunch with a great professor at the school names dr. pietro baglioni. He is highly respected in the study of medicine, and rappicini is curios if he knows the man who tends the garden named rappaccini. He tells him that he does indeed know him and compliments him on his skills. Baglioni says there is only physician in all of Italy who can rival his skills and he’s talking about himself. He however states that he has certain grave objections to rappicinis professional character because he says he is coldly scientific. He says rappaccini uses his patients as objects rather than human beings for his experiments. He even would jeopardize this own life to gain knowledge for his medical books. He then tells Giovanni that rappaccini makes deadly poisons from his plants in the garden. He says he should be known more for his failures than his success. He then asks about Beatrice and the dr. says she is very beautiful and known by all the young men in Padua but few have actually ever seen her. After lunch Giovanni goes back to the apartment but before doing so he stops and buys a bouquet of flowers. He goes straight to the window to look into the garden and sees the young Beatrice. She is headed to the shrub with purple flowers; she opens her arms and embraces it almost like she was giving it a hug. She then picks one of its flowers, while doing so Giovanni notices a lizard on the walkway path near the flowers, while Beatrice is holding the flower, the stem releases some sort of moisture and it falls onto the reptiles head; immediately the creature spasms and dies. She feels sorry for the creature and makes a make shift cross, after she folds the flower and puts it into her dress. Then a bug fly’s over the shrub and instantly dies and falls out of the air. The bug never came in contact with her. Giovanni makes a slight movement at the window and Beatrice then notices him. She thinks of him as a handsome man and by impulse he throws her the bouquet of flowers he got prior to returning home... He asks her if she could wear them for his sake. Beatrice is flattered and picks up the flowers and then hurries towards her house. Before she enters inside he can notice that the flowers are dyeing and questions him on what he is seeing, how can he tell a fresh flower from a dead one. Days pass and Giovanni does not go to the window. He doesn’t know what to make of Beatrice; he thinks she is of course lovely but very well dangerous as her strange powers scare him. One day while on the street Giovanni runs into professor Baglioni and the stop to have a talk, while doing so a man in black approaches and he and Baglioni nod and acknowledge one another, the man is rappaccini. He also gazes at Giovanni before passing and then...
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