Rape Is Not the Victims Fault

Topics: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse Pages: 4 (1313 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Rape Is Not the Victims Fault

“But she was drunk, and she was flirting. Her clothes just screamed she wanted to have sex! She did say no, but she went yes.” These might be the words of a rapist or sexual assaulter who was let off because the woman “was asking for it.” A woman who wants to remain anonymous was at a party. Her shorts might have been a little short, and her shirt might have been a bit tight. She decided to drink, like most of the people at the party. Her reputation was not the best. At this party, there was a man who only wanted to talk, until they were outside and he was grabbing at her clothes. The woman continued to tell him no, but he quieted her and said she wants it and told her she was drunk. That girl was raped. She informed the police, but because alcohol was involved it wasn’t treated fairly. People read about rape everywhere, it is not a topic that is ignored. You’re taught when you’re little how to keep away from and avoid strangers, but rape or sexual assault can happen between friends, peers, or even family. According to the RAINN Anti-Sexual Violence Organization and Keith J. Green, 97% of rapists will never spend a single day in jail. Although most people think of rape happening only to women by men, according to Date Violence, and Straight Talk About...Date Rape, sexual assault happens to people of all sexual orientation. And while people sympathize with the victims, the article “Wrongful Convictions,” shows that sometimes “victims” blame innocent people, and according to Lucy Sherriff, victims don’t always want the sympathy. In sticky situations people often look for a way out of getting into trouble, but blaming victims in rape or sexual assault cases is unjustified because of basic human rights.

People usually hear about rape in the news, most times either through a newspaper or a television broadcast. Rape or sexual assault is one of the most frequent crimes against women in the U.S. (Green, 1431). 54% of sexual assaults...
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