Rape crimes

Topics: Rape, Sexual assault, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: November 4, 2013

Thesis statement- Rapist around the world for the crimes getting just jail time is not enough, and for that reason governments around the world should take action to show what will happen if you rape somebody.

Statistics of rape are very high in this stage of the world 44% of the victims in America are under the age of 18 and 80% are still just under 30(article 1). The world for women and also for men is not safe. In the U.S alone, one person gets raped every two minutes (article 1). Most of the time people are not caught for the rape they have committed throughout the world because 54% of people around the world don’t tell authorities that they have been sexually assaulted. The single reason why rapists are still out there today is because 97% of rapists around the world don’t spend a single day in jail. People around the world that are committing rape every day don’t even see bars let alone get punished for their actions. This is unjust and unfair for the 3% that are caught they should be facing more than just jail time. Communities around the world are trying to push for rapist to get penalties for their actions by death, and not just fines. In new Delhi a young female was rape and killed, now India is pushing for capital punishment for rapist in their country. Riots around the country started pushing for these laws to be passed because of the actions that have killed some and left many scarred for life (article3). Countries around the world don’t do a single thing about rapists in their territories and some people to blame are the cops. People who don’t report rape say they don’t because it feels uncomfortable talking to someone that really doesn’t look like he will do everything he can to help you. Cops are portrayed as heroes but it seems like half the time they don’t get the job done to find the culprits that committed this unjust action. Some people of the law even commit this crime. In Manipur India, young women saw other...
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