Rape Behind the Walls of Prison

Topics: Rape, Sexual intercourse, Prison Pages: 11 (3343 words) Published: April 28, 2015

Rape Behind Bars
Sheri Murray 4231576
American Military University
Professor Dena Weiss
CMRJ 205
March 19, 2015

Rape is interpreted by any means of sexual relations subject to force, threats, intimidation, and harm with the opposing individual being victimized by the assault. Rape can be associated with many forms of sexual assault, and typically although most rapes that occur involve a male perpetrator victimizing a woman, there are many other forms of rape that can bring harm to other individuals of the population as well. However, while this may seem like the most common form of rape, there are many other more contemporary forms of rape that is prevalent as well. Rape may occur through the consensual participation of a minor and an adult, and rape may also occur with a woman being the perpetrator and the man being the victim. Rape is has been interpreted in many formats, however the definition has been adjusted so that it includes any vaginal, oral or anal penetration against any victim against their will of participation. Moreover, while more common formalities of rape are discussed, there are other forms of rape that affect society detrimentally. Day to day, incarcerated individuals become the victims of rape, and while this continues to be a threat on a daily basis, not much is being done to limit the risks of the spread sexually transmitted diseases and psychological distress. Moreover, as opposed to individuals walking freely among society, it seems that rape victims in prison must unwillingly devote their existence to servicing their rapist for years after the violation occurs in the prison environment (English & Heil, 2005). While it has been difficult to account for the statistics of prisoners that are victimized by rape, it has remained a known prevalent issue for quite some time now. Unfortunately, because of the politics in prison, many men are quite private regarding their sexual experiences or preferences. Moreover, many prisoners tend to refrain from exposing the truths conveying the assaults that take place behind bars. Essentially, many prisoners must live by an honor code of not snitching or ratting each other out for the sake of their safety. While this may be true, some still do report the assaults inflicted upon them while incarcerated. What has been found to be more alarming is the prevalence of sexual assaults committed against Caucasian prisoners. While it seems that all races have been victimized by rape in prison, statistics seem to be more prevalent with African American offenders against Caucasian victims (English & Heil, 2005). Surprisingly, whites continue to be raped more severely and frequently at a disproportionate rate than any other racial crime committed in the United States. Although not all of the prisoners had experienced rape within the institution, many of them claim that they had been either propositioned or threatened in some form or another with rape. The effects of rape tend to be pretty extensive even for a hardcore criminal in prison institutions. Although there aren’t many ways to assess the damage caused by rape, however there have been some reports of acute disruption of sleep, somatic problems, eating problems, psychological, social, and sexual problems, minor mood swings, and fears quite specific to the circumstances of the assault (English & Heil, 2005). More often in prison, victims turn to suicide in the event of a rape. They find it really difficult to cope with the terms of the embarrassment and shame of the rape and how this will affect their reputation throughout the duration of their incarceration. Unfortunately, many of these assaults will go unreported by the victims which leaves more opportunity for the assaults to continue to be an issue. Although sexual contact is forbidden behind the walls of institutions, it does not seem like much effort is being applied to limiting the risks of such assaults. Furthermore, because many...
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