Rap Vs. Hip-Hop

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Many people believe that rap is not a music genre and is merely a sub-genre of hip-hop. There is also the belief rapper KRS-ONE said, “rapping is something you do and hip-hop is something you live” (KRS-ONE). The differences between rap and hip-hop are distinguishable enough that the two have separated. Leading people to believe that rap has evolved into its own category. Unless rap or hip-hop music is one of your favorite genres of music, you probably just lump the two together. Although in many ways the two are different. The main three that are used to distinguish the genres are musical features and culture/community message (Francois and Bronwyn). Although the debate on whether or not rap is an action and hip-hop is a lifestyle makes distinguishing the two harder. Despite the differences between hip-hop and rap music both have made huge strides for the communities associated and have a magnificent influence on today’s society.
The musical features of a song are probably something that most people over look. Although to distinguish a rap song from a hip-hop song, it is crucial. Rap has more poetry in the lyrics where hip-hop puts the lyrics to a faster beat and is...

Rap music has a more edgy sound that shouldn’t be played at a party. Hip-hop is more of a crossover with pop music. Hip-hop has a danceable beat and usually a catchy chorus. Many times hip-hop is associated with breakdancing ("Hip-Hop vs Rap."). The artists in rap music create poetry that discusses the main issues of the community, politics, or media events (Francois and Bronwyn). The songs usually talk about something that is happening in the community that isn’t being talked about. “Hip hop music is used to express hope for the future and to remember the successes of the past” (Francois and Bronwyn). Rap and hip-hop both talk about the same issues but hip-hop is more...
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