Rap Rrona

Topics: Sociology, Gender role, Hip hop, Islam, Patriarchy / Pages: 2 (673 words) / Published: Dec 8th, 2014
Individual Report –Presentation Cont. of the first question- Second part of the first question of the presentation

As one of the main arguments of this paper is that due to the inability to express freely their thoughts, Tunisian rappers are forced to self-censor and limit themselves, because of potential political and governmental ramification; a vital role in this whole realm of discussion, plays also the erudite manipulation of words, metaphors, and the specific meaning that are attached to them, within their RAP lyrics, in order to express their revolt against the national and international political and social climate, but at the same time deflect any type of trend that would exceed the existing limits, set by their state. Accordingly, such indirect metaphorically nuanced critique can be found in “Gangstas’ wanted” One by One, lines : “On the street I say oh my people jump in the palaces of the inferior, they turned you into plastic people/ It is the underground revolution! Magically I talk about what’s happening in my town, using my music”
Such powerful lines, express the internal dissatisfaction of their daily social, economic, and political conditions, where “the turning into plastic people”, refers to people’s incapability to lead and express their thoughts, through their individual freedom , and come true to themselves and their individuality. Another important relevant factor that helps shaping certain values within Tunisian’s Rap culture and identity , is the incorporation of religious spectrum, specifically, Islam. Accordingly, these religious themes are sometimes incorporated explicitly in their subjects, but other times such values are also used as reference points, on the designation and development of their lyrics and music. While using Qur’an as the principal framework regarding the “ right social and ethical behavior”, Tunisian rappers attempt to

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