Rap Music Influence On Women
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Rap music videos are also a crucial influence in shaping identity among young listeners. The images displayed send off messages on how men and women should behave and look. The majority of rap music videos display misogyny through sexual objectification towards women. Many of these music videos portray women as sexually pleasing objects, this reinforces male dominance showing young young gilrs that their own sexual orientation and beliefs are inferior to a males sexual desires (Oosten, p. 988). For men, the display of dominant and sexually aggressive male attitudes and the willingness of women to please enforces that all women will eventually agree to sexual acts (p. 988). Oosten states, “One under-studied concept that may be portrayals of …show more content…
Although rap music can also be a source of therapeutic inspiration, popular rap music sadly consists of negative encoded messages that contribute to the construction of identity of many adolescents. Through new mobile media this form of music is highly accessible for anyone to discover and enjoy. When analyzing the lyrics within rap compositions it moves the intentions of a seemingly innocent song to sexual objectification, drug use, and ideals of body image. Messages encoded within this form of media are well thought out in order to fulfill corporate pressures, and consumer demand. These lyrics begin creating provocative messages in order to grasp a consumer’s attention in hopes of obtaining multiple views. These messages then become decoded in two main ways, sexual objectification of women and drug exploitation. Sexual objectification towards women in these songs creates a framework in which girls identify themselves with and in turn can begin to self objectify, leaving a never-ending cycle of misynony. Drug and alcohol use is also a major component in rap lyrics and music videos that can influence young teens to explore various substances in hopes of identifying with a party culture that many rap artists enforce. The visualization of rap music videos is a major influential form of media that is also used to praise particular body types, while putting others inferior compared. This shapes the identity of young girls regarding their views of attractiveness. Lastly, radio broadcasting can also hinder an individual’s sense of identity as the selection of songs played is based off of popularity, allowing inappropriate and exploitive messages to be communicated. All in all when consuming music media an individual should properly analyzed the messages within the piece of music before allowing it’s messages to become

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