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Rap Music Controversy

By kartune Dec 17, 2010 544 Words
February 10th, 2009 · 3 Comments

Since rap music made its way to the music scene, it has been a topic of much dispute and argument. Rap music controversy seems to continuously grow parallel to the popularity of the music itself. People have been taking sides on the issue on whether rap music is proper or not — or if it is even to be considered as music in the first place.

It all started smooth at first, the music was whimsical with a little funny scratching sound in the background. Hip-hop music with its rhymes and wonderful low-frequency beat is the music everybody dances to on the dance floor. Some elders say it’s only a trend, just the kids singing (and dancing) their heart out, nothing serious about it. However, music evolves as younger generations create a unique beat from time to time. It’s as if every generation tries to define their identity with the music they create.

Suddenly, The Old Rap, which frolicked more on the rhythm than the lyrics, begins to emerge into a new form. The drumbeats resounded with cramming break beats, crazier scratchings, and the biggest controversy of all — content totally shifted. The lyrics morphed into nasty, violent, and scandalous words; moms and dads listen with contempt and swear not to let their kids get an ear for that kind of music, or noise, as they will probably call it. On the other hand, youngsters found rap appealing and they love jamming to it madly.

Rap music controversy escalated when Gangsta Rap was introduced to the world. The lyrics of so many songs talk about killing with the sounds of gun shots in the background. This level of rap was criticized because of its graphic sexual content and its promotion of violence. Explicit lyrics include talks about drugs and women are referred to with derogatory adjectives.

Rap continues to evoke a clash of ideas and concepts between critics, who say rap music glorifies violence, and artists who are claiming their freedom to express themselves and tell their story. The main criterion for rap music controversy is the explicit lyrics and how they influence young people’s way of life and speech. Rap so often talks about drugs, alcohol, and violence to be norms in life.

Another reason why rap music controversy heated up is with the issue regarding women. Women are degraded in the lyrics, many people view rap as anti-female. Rap music is known to promote racism, violence, and contempt for women. Rap artists talk about rape, assault, and sexual harassment as though they are okay.

Some people, however, argue that rap can provide listeners with valuable information. Not all rap music shows profanity or express contempt. There are some rap artists who do not use hate language on their lyrics. There are many positive messages coming from lyrics of certain rappers like Nas, Mos Def, Black Eyed Peas, The Streets, and many other artists who prefer to keep their music clean and appropriate for everybody’s ears.

Rap music controversy sprouts from content. Hopefully in the coming years, artists will become more thoughtful and use mindful words. If this happens, everyone will be amused and the rap music controversy dispute will eventually end.

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