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Topics: The Karate Kid, English-language films, Rapping Pages: 1 (390 words) Published: December 29, 2010
i get chedduh bEttuh more than u can get one head uhh, ima be ahead of da game ima have lots of fame uhh what am i talkin about im against noncence, ima chop u up like mutton cause u done pushed my buttons ima put u on ur death bead enuff sai...d ima be gettin dis bread why u layin there talkin head.See More ok yup get ready this flows to steady for me to spit this heavy so u best hop back in ur broke down chevy before i leave u in the levy im not like meny i keep my head in my hood like kenny u think i dont rap well i have plenty more bars im the dopest native uv seen thus far man u aint even old enough to sit front seet in yo momas car so get off my status ur rap was gnar man dont hate couse i can attack with the rap made ur words wack ur verse flows like crap couse tim is back pulling another verse frm his hat then i whipped out my gat and busted the cap couse i dont sit here and joke man look ur about to choke better drink some coke dont prevoke me u dont wanna piss off a locc man now ur lines are broke mine are dope so dont try and say that i bite when my rymes are tight even this late at night man i just took flight now im high as that kite Yo mammas lookin like marsh mellow jello in yellow sayin hello fellow. Bitch! logan u look like a broke down brook hogan man i just keep flowen now im just show boaten my lyrics are floatin so logan why did u try and spit u shoulda just jumped on a dick now imma empty a clip on yer ship so better hope u got dips or ...ur gunna get fliped worse then the karate kid, man logen ur gross grosser then most im the one u dont wanna roast i will get u and the tv shows host man my raps just coast, yuk u suck man im finnah leave u in the muck have u lookin like an ugly duck yup its official logan is cut he just got shut- tim.
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