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Rap Music Effect in the Society
In-order to have a better understanding of rap music, I would like to give a brief introduction of what rap music is, and also its history in the music scene and how it has influenced the society. What is rap? The Oxford Dictionary defined rap as” a type of popular music of US black origin in which words are recited rapidly and rhythmically over an instrumental backing”(def3). According to Paul Edward, In the Art and science of Hip Hop mc. explained that, in order for an individual to be a rapper, there are some talents and attributes he or she must have. I.e. he or she must be able to freestyle on his or her own without the help of others and also make good music that impacts the society. In America the rap music has affected our women, by degrading them with their explicit lyrics and also the teenagers in the country. According to Albert Bradon the impact of rap music as led to so many sexual behavior in America among teenagers and also young adults. Most teenagers who listen to sexual explicit lyrics are more likely to have sex because they believe its normal and seeing those rappers singing about it looks fun to them. Unfortunately, most of the female rappers in America have come to accept the idea of displaying their sexuality on TV. Example is the Nicki Minaj video song ‘’Anaconda’’ in her lyrics she talks how freaky she could be in the bed with a guy, the message she passed in her music ‘’Anaconda’’, is that women are meant to provide sexual and entertainment for men. Young teenagers in America especial the females who look up to Nicki Minaj as role model, would accept the fact that female are meant to be a sex object. This is the main reason we have so many teenage mother in the country (4).

Citation Albert Brandon. The false advertisement of women.’’ Learning solution.com. The mcgrow.Hill.2009.Web.Nov.2014
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