rap's influence on society

Topics: Snoop Dogg, Hip hop music, Gangsta rap Pages: 3 (866 words) Published: October 13, 2013

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Steve Sosnoski

ENG 102

28 August 2013

Rap music and the influence it has on society I have decided to research about rap music and what it has become in our society today. Violence has always been an issue, but with rap music being the most popular among teens its important what kind of messages these artist are sending. With that being said it has changed since its origination. Early rap music created a new culture for people of the the inner cities to follow, it gave people a chance to express themselves in a new way. It even turned gang members away from gang related activities. This topic will not only surround the changes of rap music but will include the effects it has on society today. This topic is worth researching because music plays an important role in the lives of teens. Many teens are fatherless and look to artist as their role model. Moreover, Some are startled by the elicit words and the message that rap music sends. Rap music was not always about money, gang, sex, and drugs. Rap music changed people, it drew many gang members away from that lifestyle. Now it seems as if rap is influencing and encouraging this lifestyle. When rap first began individuals rhymed about life growing up in the inner cities, people listened because they could relate, this is why it became so popular. Today's rap is giving itself a bad name and demoralizing the hip hop community. There are many negative impacts that rap music is having on society today, especially teenagers. Using violence to win or survive are what many artist are singing about, this is an issue. Many parents blame their childrens involvement in gang related actives on the music they listen to. For example, rap song from Bloods and Crips “piru love” is singing about different gangs, and death, to those that cross...
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