Ransom Essay

Topics: Hero, Achilles, Hector Pages: 3 (978 words) Published: August 5, 2013
Major Essay Question:

In the novel ‘Ransom’, Malouf provides us with characters, which each in their own way represent aspects of the heroic ideal.

Discuss the statement in relation to Achilles and EITHER Somax or Priam.

In your response you should consider how Malouf uses Language and other stylistic features to depict the different types of heroes presented.

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“True heroism consists in being superior to the ills of life, in whatever shape they may challenge us to combat.” Napoleon Bonparte, French General. Through Malouf’s novel, ‘Ransom’, Malouf has depicted certain key aspects of ‘Heroism’ deconstructing the characters of Achilles and Priam in an attempt to define their ‘epic hero’ characteristics. For the entirety of the novel, Achilles has been portrayed as a frustrated, grief-stricken soldier who ultimately tries desperately to re-capture his poise and composure whilst being confronted with over-whelming personal tragedy. However, we find other traits of his that do qualify as ‘heroic’ and these must be considered in comparison with King Priam. With a major death of Prince Hector, Priam’s son, Malouf has structured his novel around this occurrence. Priam facing untold tragedy faces his son’s killer to retrieve his son and burn him in honor worthy of both a soldier and hierarchy of a prince. With the ever-increasing notion of ‘heroism’ constantly being molded by society, we must acknowledge the true differences of specific in their environment, ultimately displayed through the characters Achilles and Priam, throughout ‘Ransom’.

With the motivation of having his name ‘written in the sky for all to see’, Malouf has entangled ‘heroism’ into the build of Achilles through his use of sword and spear in battle, the deep loss of his cousin by the hands of Hector and by the ultimate courage he...
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