Rank the Items in the Following List, Starting with the One That You Think Had the Most Important Consequences. the Justify Your Ranking. Finally, Speculate as to What Might Have Happened Had These Event Not Occurred.

Topics: Caribbean, John Rolfe, Colonialism Pages: 1 (372 words) Published: November 11, 2008
Of all three items the one that had the most important consequence is the “enclosing” of crop lands in England. This is most important because in the England countryside landlords “enclosing” croplands for sheep grazing, forcing many small farmers into risky occupancy or off the land altogether. This provoked that the districts of eastern and western England supplied many of the first immigrants to America. Then when the economic depression came many of the farmers took off and drifted about England. With this a remarkable population set sail in the Virginia Company’s three ships. When in Virginia this led up to the cultivation of tobacco in Virginia. In 1612 John Rolfe, the husband of Pocahontas, became the father of the tobacco industry and an economic savior of the Virginia colony by perfecting the methods of raising and curing tobacco. Crops were planted everywhere in Virginia due to a tobacco rush which finally led to built Virginia’s prosperity on tobacco smoke. It played an important role in creating a strong economic base. Although there were some consequences when it was greedily planted. It ruined the soil and bonded the fortunes to the price of a single crop. On the other hand it also promoted the broad-acred plantation and with a demand for fresh labor. This then led to introduction of slavery into plantation colonies. Although blacks were too costly for most of the “hard-pinched” white colonists to acquire, and for decades few were brought to Virginia. Later in 1650 approximately 14% of Virginia’s population was made up of blacks, most of them enslaved. In Carolina they prospered by developing close economic ties with the sugar islands of the England West Indies. Many original Carolina settlers had emigrated from Barbados, bringing the island’s slave trade with them. They also established a dynamic slave trade in Carolina itself. Without each other neither of these events would have led to one another starting...
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