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Topics: Human, Suicide, Psychology Pages: 4 (1158 words) Published: June 1, 2014
(Anderson, 2006) pg4 (Kittleson, 2005) pg3 (Leach, 2006) (Woodside)

The Range of Problems Facing Human Services Clients

BSHS/305 Intro to Historical Development of Human Services
May 19, 2014
Mr. John West
The Range of Problems Facing Human Services Clients
In developing our quest of facing human service problems we are going to break out in categories of how I have learned them. My definition of problems is an experience or difficulty that the client has experienced due to the problems of living in today’s world. A Human Service Professional provides varied roles and assumes several responsibilities to help with successful care and devotion to the client to overcome their needs first hand. Choosing to work with people is a field that is a wonderful feeling and opportunity, helping makes a difference in many people’s lives. It contributes to building up values, helps inspire others for the work one is doing, gives ethical morale to agency and team of human service professionals you work with. Having unconditional acceptance for your clients and establishing a commitment to them treating them as you would want to be treated will help bring healing and establish the relationship that you so need to get them on their road to recovery. Finally, having honesty and awareness of yourself, knowing where you are in life, where you are going will always keep you in reflection of these principles. Understanding what our system in whole has developed will help us work effectively to recognize individuals situations and evaluate them carefully. There are three modules of service delivery and the interactions that formulate a successful means of treatment for the clients. You will find that many Professionals, such as Psychologist, Practitioners, Doctors, Therapists, Social Workers, and Counselors will utilize these modules to help diagnose and treat individuals. The medical module was openly seen as individuals were not “well” or “ill”. Then as...
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