range of early years settings

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Unit 67 1.1 Explain how the range of early years settings reflects the scope and purpose of the sector.
There are many different types of childcare provision:
*Mother and toddler group-this is a place where toddlers can socialise with other children of their own age whilst the mother and father can stay,play and learn more ways to look after and help with their childs development
*Pre school-Is a private nursery,one that is paid for by the parents and children from 3 years can get 15 hours free a week by the goverment.They do not do compulsory hours and the child does not have a primary school place already.Some children may go to a school nursery in the morning and a private nursery in the afternoon.
Day care-Day care is for children of different ages from 3 months to 5 years,they have a different classes for different ages.The parents can drop their child off and pick them up when they wish.Some parents may only take their child for a couple of hours a day so that their child socalises and interact with children of their own age.
Creche-This is a drop in centre style childcare parents dont have to pay a monthly fee they only pay for the service when they need.Creches are located in different places ie gym,shopping centre church.
*Reception-is a class is the first stage of infants school
*Child minders are there to help parents who work long hours they pick or drop the child off to school or home
*Childrens centre/Sure start centre are in place to help parents with all sorts of issues ie help with parenting,provide childcare and do courses for

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