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Lab 18
Troubleshooting Windows 7
This lab contains the following exercises and activities:
Exercise 18.1 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
Exercise 18.2 Troubleshooting Disk Access
Exercise 18.3 Troubleshooting Shared Folders
Exercise 18.4 Troubleshooting Logon Problems
NOTE: THIS LAB IS DESIGNED TO BE USED IN A CLASSROOM SETTING WITH AN INSTRUCTOr PRESENT TO PROVIDE THE VARIOUS SCENARIOS TO THE STUDENTS. tHE VIRTUAL MACHINES PROVIDED ARE NOT CURRENTLY CONFIGURED FOR THESE SCENARIOS.SCENARIO You are a desktop technician for Contoso, Ltd., working at the Windows 7 help desk. When a user calls or emails you with a computer problem, it is your job to travel to that user’s workstation and resolve it. To account for your time and to build up a company troubleshooting database, you must document each of your calls as well as the troubleshooting process for each computer on which you work. After completing this lab, you will be able to:

Troubleshoot a variety of Windows 7 configuration problems
Estimated lab time: 80 minutes
Exercise 18.1 Troubleshooting Network Connectivity
Rob calls the help desk to report that he cannot access any web sites on the Internet. While he is still on the phone, you have him try to access a file on his departmental server. In both cases, his attempts fail. Troubleshoot Rob’s computer and determine why he is unable to access the network. The troubleshooting process will be completed when you are able to access the network using Rob’s computer. Completion time 20 minutes

Exercise 18.2 Troubleshooting Disk Access
Alice sends an email to the help desk stating that when she tried to copy some files to her K: drive, which is a volume on her local hard disk, she was unable to do so. Because Alice has already left for her vacation, she cannot provide any more details about the problem, but she writes that she would appreciate the problem being fixed by the time she returns. The troubleshooting process will...
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