Rancidity: Nitrogen and Air Tight Container

Topics: Nitrogen, Carbon, Hydrogen Pages: 1 (252 words) Published: August 25, 2011
Fat and Oils are major ingredients for any baked goods. These oils and fats are bought in  bulk by these bakery manufacturers. Chances of fat or oil being rancid become high if  stored for a longer period .This rancid fat or oil can then effect the quality of baked items.   Fat and oil can be checked for rancidity prior to production by instrument called rancimant . What is rancidity?

The taste and odour of the food containing fat and oil changes when they are exposed into air for a long time. This is called Rancidity. While most of the foods get rancid, for that they apply to the oil. Oils  can be especially susceptible to rancidity because their chemistry can make them  exceptionally susceptible to oxygen damage. This happens when the food is exposed into the air. This type if Rancidity is called as “oxidative rancidity”. Chemical reaction produces butyric acid which gives the bad smell and taste. it is caused by the hydrolysis and oxidation process. Anti-oxidants prevents the food from the oxidation process. So that the process of oxidation will be delayed and the food do not get the bad smell as soon as possible. RANCIMAT it is an instrument which is used for measuring the anti-oxidants foods

1) The food items should be kept in the air tight container. 2) The food must be packed tightly so that the food particles will not get smell sonly. 3) The chips can be filled with nitrogen gas.
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