Raja Ram Mohan Roy

Topics: Ram Mohan Roy, Bengal Renaissance, India Pages: 3 (897 words) Published: February 22, 2013
Ram Mohan Roy, Indian Social Reformer
Ram Mohan Roy was born in an rich family in the 1774. He is also known as 'The Father of the Bengal Renaissance'. As a student he studied Persian, Arabic and Sanskrit languages. In his youth he had differences with his father about his religious views. He eventually came to Varanashi and expectedly studied the English language. His father died in 1803 and the same year he published his first book `Tohfat-ul-Mohiddin` in which he criticized idol worship and declared that all religions had full faith in one God. From 1805 to 1814 he served an English concern, which managed the Zamindari system on behalf of the District Collectors. Social Reforms of Raja Ram Mohan Roy

He also worked as a Social Reformer. He rejected the barriers of caste divisions and stood forth as the high priest of Universalism and Love. The best example of his life-long crusade against social evils was the historic agitation he organized against the inhuman custom of women becoming Sati. When the orthodox Hindus petitioned to Parliament to withhold its approval of Bentinck`s action of banning the rite of Sati, he organized a counter-petition of enlightened Hindus in favour of Bentinck`s action. He was a champion of women`s rights. He attacked polygamy and the degraded state to which widows were often reduced. To raise the status of women he demanded that they be given the right of inheritance and property.

Social reforms of Ram Mohan Roy have had a huge impact in the Indian society over the past century. In 1815 he founded the Atmiya Sabha. In 1819 he defeated a great scholar named Subrahmanya Sastri on the question of idol worship. Since then the Christian missionaries extended their full support to Ram Mohan Roy. In 1821 William Adam, a Christian missionary began to have faith in the unity of individual and universal soul. William Adam had close contact with Ram Mohan Roy and he founded the Calcutta Unitarian Committee. Since then the Christian...
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