Raja and Maya Case

Topics: Combined oral contraceptive pill, Marketing, Birth control Pages: 3 (623 words) Published: September 15, 2013
Problem statement:
In 1976, PSI was given a contract by the government of Bangladesh to control the population explosion with Raja Brand Condoms and Maya brand oral contraceptives. Late in 1983, when PSI met to discuss the marketing strategies for 1984-86, they observed that Raja sales had steadily increased but Maya sales declined despite using the same marketing strategies for both the products. Why??

* 80% of all the contraceptive products are purchased by men. * People associated condoms with sex, but a pill is associated with birth control. * People think of a condom as an over-the counter consumer product, while a pill is perceived as a powerful drug. * Maya does not have the support of the retailers as the other pills in market gave sixteen times as much margin as Maya. * The side effects were common while using oral contraceptive pills during first cycles. People mostly turned to RMP’s for medical help, who thought that Maya was a inferior drug and many of them advised their patients to discontinue Maya. * People of Bangladesh were buying Raja despite being costly as compared to the products offered by government, they didn’t consume Maya which was cheaper than all the other brands in the market, they had a conception that the higher the cost of the product the better the quality.

Population Services International (PSI), is a non-for-profit agency, which helps to control the population explosion in many Less Developed Countries (LDC’s) by dissemination of family planning information and products, came up with a Social marketing Project (SMP) with the objective to use modern marketing techniques to sell subsidized contraceptives through commercial outlets. Despite using the same marketing strategies for both the products, Maya is losing ground in sales as compared to Raja. The objective is to convene a strategy to put together an action plan for improving Maya sales.

* Pricing, retail motivation and...
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