Raising the Friving Age to 18

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Devin Luce
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April 27, 2005

McDonald's Gone Country

McDonald's, the most successful and well-known fast food chain in the world. One of which is located in Coshocton, Ohio. Most McDonalds' consist of three main colors blue, yellow, and red. McDonald's has different themes among their many restaurants. However, the main goal is to stick with the main colors throughout the restaurant. In the Coshocton restaurant there is a country style theme. The inside, outside, menus, and even the workers uniforms relate to each other; they all consist of the main colors dealing with the theme.

The interior of the McDonald's has the theme of a country style home. The walls consist of wood panels with a wood strip half way up the wall. The wood strip runs horizontally throughout the restaurant. McDonalds wants to make you as comfortable as possible to ensure the comfort of eating at home. Wallpaper covers from ceiling to the wood strip. The wallpaper is of a gold color with a diamond pattern. The amount of wood used in Coshocton's McDonald's gives it the very country, homey feel. The country theme reflects our community in the way of our environment. Coshocton County is a very country setting. There is a lot of farming, country style homes, and historical sites. When customers eat at McDonalds they feel very comfortable taking their families there for a sit down meal with a home setting. McDonalds makes the effort to blend in with the community because by doing so their residents will feel at home.

The uniforms at McDonalds consist of a pair of pants, hat, black shoes, name tag, and a polo shirt. Managers at McDonald's wear a light blue dress shirt, a tie of their choice, a pair of blue dress pants, a black hat with McDonald's golden arches emblem on the front, and all employees are required to wear all black shoes. The crew trainers wear a red polo shirt with a yellow pinstripe that runs vertically down the...
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