Raising Awareness for the Need of Greater Road Safety

Topics: Alcoholic beverage, Driving under the influence, Persuasion Pages: 17 (5007 words) Published: March 31, 2011
Raising Awareness of the need for Greater Road Safety:
‘Morning After’
By Andrea Leigh, Ciara , Nadine, Phillipa White, and Suzanne Oke

Table of Contents

Market Research
1.1 Analysis of Road Safety Messages
1.2 Demographic and Psychographic Characteristics of Target Audience 1.2.1 General
1.2.2 Drinking Habits
1.2.3 Self-Perception
1.2.4 Most Effective Advertising
1.3 Survey and Focus Group
1.3.1 Survey: How we carried it out
1.3.2 Survey: Why we carried it out
1.3.3 Survey: What we found and how this helps in our campaign development 1.3.4 Focus Group: How we carried it out
1.3.5 Focus Group: Why we carried it out
1.3.6 Focus Group: What we found and how this helps in our campaign development

2. Ideas for Campaign Plan
2.1 Budget Constraints
2.2 Cost of Our Campaign
2.3 Lines of Appeal
2.4 Techniques of Persuasion and Influence
2.4.1The Principle of Social Proof
2.4.2 Authority
2.4.3 The Psychodynamic Approach
2.5 Nature of The Message
2.6 Possible slogans and Final Slogan
2.7 Uses of Mass Media
2.8 Promotional Events and Location
2.9 Time-scale and Synchronistion of Promotional Activities

3.Our Final Campaign
3.1 Posters
3.2 Beer Coasters and Stickers
3.3 Facebook Group
3.4 Promotional Events
3.5 Strategy for Evaluating the Success of Our Campaign

Appendix One: Survey
Appendix Two: Focus Group Questions/Previous Adverts
Appendix Three: Poster adverts
Appendix Four: Stickers/Beer mats

1. Market Research

1.1 Analysis of Road Safety Messages

For the first part of the market research, current and passed road safety campaigns (Appendix Two). Focusing on the persuasive communication techniques they use and how effective they were in the campaigns success. The types of imagery was also focused on and how these play on the audiences emotive and cognitive responses, and which ones work better than others. These adverts were then used in the Market Research to show to the target audience.

The Facts about drink-driving were then looked at. Here is what was found:

Peak-time is around 7am

17% of all drink-driving prosecutions are in the morning

40% of people are estimated to have driven the morning after, unaware they were still over the limit

1 in 5 drink-drivers are caught in the morning

Nearly 1/2 of young drivers admit to driving in the morning after a night out

This shows the importance of road safety and personal responsibility the target audience should be taking for accident prevention. These can be demonstrated in the campaign.

1.2 Demographic and Psychographic Characteristics of Target Audience

Research found TGI data for information to better understand our target audience was then looked at. Covering four main areas:

1.2.1 General

The target audience are females but predominately males in the ABC1 and C2DE demographic bracket. They are likely to have just finished school and are either working or at university. This will help when planning placements of adverts or promotional events for the campaign.

1.2.2 Drinking Habits

From the TGI data it was found that the target audiences main alcoholic drink they tend to drink the most is wine, vodka and beer in this order. The main places they drink are either at home, followed by pubs, clubs or restaurants. The reasons why they might be drinking on a particular occasion were also given, with the main ones for this target audience being Birthday celebrations, finishing exams to just another run of the mill student night out. This is useful for the campaign when placement of adverts are to be considered. From this it shows where they like to drink and what types of drink. The adverts could therefore be placed in pubs and clubs.

1.2.3 Self-Perception

Again looking at the TGI data it was found how the target audience perceive themselves and what...
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