Rainy Day

Topics: Weather, Rain, Sun Pages: 1 (351 words) Published: August 9, 2011
Bad weather/ rain makes me feel happy
-weather has little effect on our mood.
-Usually the rain makes people miserable, but it causes the total opposite to me. I love the rain, It makes me happy! Is this a strange thing? Especially considering that most people become sad when the weather becomes worse.

- but when it's all dark and gloomy with rain pelting down, I feel in a good mood. I don't feel the same when the sun comes! haha. Although, maybe it's because I don't feel comfortable with my body, so when it's warm I become more self conscious. -I love the rain when I'm inside as it smashes against the window panes, but nothing beats a cloudless sunny day for sure. - i love cold weather and rain, big, heavy rain drops. and i really love lots of blustery wind that makes the trees sway and the clouds race across the sky. it just makes the world seem so much more alive!! hot sticky weather with no clouds and blue skies is so boring and still, to me its like the world has stopped, is is stuck in some feverish disease or something. all the grass goes brown, and it makes you feel so lethargic and unable to concentrate. i am also very low on body self confidence, i do think that plays a part, but i dont believe it could be that much, as i have such strong feelings towards the weather. i do also much prefer autumn/winter colours (and therefore fashion) and animals. -Talking about beds, there's nothing quite like a good snuggle on a rainy Sunday morning lol. Especially when neither of you have to go work, so you can spend all day in bed listening to the rain drops! -I like it better when it rains. I like listening to it at night, it soothes me, then during the day I love the feeling of walking around in the rain. Unless it's windy, in which case I'd rather stay inside. Wind + rain is horrible. -
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