Topics: Tree, Sun, Humidity, Rainforest / Pages: 1 (391 words) / Published: Oct 31st, 2014
The rainforest has many different things to enjoy. There are many plants and animals to look at and I think that it is the best place to distract from other things and to have a little bit of peace.
The rainforest has many beautiful things to offer with a lot of tall trees, some of them with long branches. The aged trees had creaking branches. Further on, as you trek through the undergrowth, you could spy a snake, searching for its prey. Look above at the canopy. You may see strangler vines, wrapping themselves menacingly around a tree. Perhaps you’ll see some noisy rosellas. When you wander into a rainforest, you might hear a waterfall gushing rapidly and loudly, like an elephant charging, looking at a beautiful and crystallized water. Moreover, when the sun's rays reflect into the water it looks like a shining diamond.
There is also a good climate that you can enjoy. As you walk, you can feel a sticky wet climate.When the wind blows, you can feel something soft that fondles your skin.The humidity is between 77 and 88 percent. A balmy smell lingers in the humid air, mixing with the scent of damp earth.
The rainforest also offers many species of animals. You can hear the musical sounds of all different kinds of animals. I hear crunching leaves as a snake slides through it.The golden eagle soars effortlessly into the pink painted sky, her wings flowing in the gentle breeze, and her flashing colour shimmering in the rays of the sun. It looked as if it had streaks of gold embedded into her feathers. Her beauty and cunning eyes scanned the island below. She clenched her claws, ready to strike the innocent brown hare below, squawking and soaring down to her prey. I saw scurrying squirrels searching for food under bristles of wispy moss, a snuffling boar ate under combs of feathery moss, scuttling rabbits played under goatees of hanging moss. I see the forest as a place to unwind. In short,when it comes to finding a nearby place to have tranquility and to be

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