Rainbows: Homosexuality and Butterflies Steve Felice

Topics: Homosexuality, Human, Thought Pages: 2 (427 words) Published: March 6, 2007
Rainbows 1

Rainbows and Butterflies

Steve Felice
English Composition II
Michelle Fernane
February 20th, 2007

Rainbows 2
When we think of a gay person, most people think of stereotypical things such as rainbows, flowers, etc. For what reason, I have no idea. Perhaps it's because some people view a gay male as being very girl like and inferior in the land of testosterone. I have a gay male friend and he's one of the most giving, whole-hearted person in the world. So why would he not be able to marry whoever he wants? He did harm to absolutely no-one, he is paying his dues to society by working hard 6 days a week and pays taxes just like everyone else, and his gay inclinations have the absolute lowest possible effect on your life. So let me ask again; why can't he marry whom he wants? An individual in the country of America is supposedly free. We have freedoms of all sorts including, to be happy and to have choice, unless you are a homosexual in most states in which case you can't marry another person of the same sex. I don't understand the reasoning for this because it has no effect on anyone else's life. So, why the hell should anyone care? Some people say no because of religious reasons. Guess what? Religion is a choice just like choosing to marry a person of the same sex. It's a choice that we should be able to make in our supposed "free" country. Some people ask "How am I supposed to tell my child that two men are going to get married and be together?" Who cares?! Rainbows 3

It's your kid, you figure out how to tell him/her. Is it going to effect his/her day to day operations or schoolwork? No. There is also a chance that your kid could be gay too. What then? In this world there are things that do not make any sense at all, especially in America. One thing that shouldn't be questioned is one's feelings for another human being, let alone being illegal in most places. If you can't choose to marry who you want, then some...
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