Rainbows Follow Stormy Days

Topics: Christopher Isherwood, A Single Man, Good and evil Pages: 3 (1042 words) Published: November 24, 2013
Rainbows Follow the Stormy Days:
A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood
An individual has minimal to no control over the length of the good and bad periods in their lifetime; inevitably, an individual will never remain permanently fixated in a good or bad phase of their life. In the novel, A Single Man, Christopher Isherwood portrays George, a fifty-eight year old lonely man living in nineteen sixty-two California, struggling through his every day in the absence of his lover Jim, to retain the desire to live. Since Jim’s death, George has been deathly gloomy but on this unremarkable day, George finds a sense of hope in small glimpses of happiness and comes to terms with the end of his hard times. Isherwood implies that life goes through many good and bad phases, yet no matter how long the rough periods may last, their temporary hardships will cease and the better days will emerge. Initially, George comes to life through a sequence of robotic events that occur on an everyday, regular basis followed by a rehearsed, tiresome sequence of morning events. These repetitive motions conducted by George establish the idea that George lacks the motivation and the emotional and physical well being to preserve his kindle of life. The absence of Jim from his life is the sole reason behind his depressive, gloomy state as “[George] will struggle on and on until [he] drops” before the inevitable event that “quite certainly…will come”(Isherwood 9-10). The inevitable event that George longs for, which he cannot attain because “[he] can imagine no alternative” to living, is already struck upon Jim; “Jim is dead”(Isherwood 13). This segment of George’s life depicts the peak of the most difficult patch in his lifetime up to the present. However, George finds a hint of hope in his desolate essence of being. This hope comes in the form of a new student-teacher bond he forms with Kenny. Kenny shows an interest in his “cagey” teacher and “George feels flattered and excited”; these...

Cited: Isherwood, Christopher. A Single Man. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota, 2001. Print
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