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Rainbow Technology Paper capable of storing 450GB developed by MCA Student By Adm inistrator - Nov 25, 2006 | General


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It may be time to bid goodbye to CDs, DVDs and Zip drives. According to a report from the Arab News, a university technology student at the Muslim educational society Engineering College in Kerala, Sainul Abideen has invented a method of storing massive amounts of digital data on just a plain old piece of paper. Abideen claims that the paper has the storage capacity which is many times more than the capacity of the best Blu-ray or HD-DVD discs. Abideen’s invention, which goes by the name of Rainbow technology can enable him to store up to a massive 450GB on just a piece of paper. However, after a real life demonstration of the same, it was concluded that the technology still needs more development. Abideen claims that his Rainbow system is much better than binary

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storage, because it uses geometric shapes such as squares and hexagons to represent data patterns, instead of the usual binary method that uses ones and zeros to represent data.

Rainbow Technology Paper capable of storing 450GB developed by MCA Student - TechShout iPad Giveaway
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Besides, color is also Shopping.Indiatim e s.com used in the Rainbow 16 GB Pen Drive @ 496 system, to represent Sandisk 16GB at 67% Off. Pay Cash on other data elements. Delivery. Free Shipping. Buy Now In order to read the tradus.in/16GB-Pe n-Drive -496 Rainbow prints, all that is required is a scanner and specialized software. The reporter of Arab News claims to have seen 450 pages of fully printed foolscap being stored on a 4-square inch piece of Rainbow paper. The reporter also claimed that he was shown a 45-second video clip that was stored using the Rainbow system on a plain piece of paper. Interestingly, the 45-second video didn’t say a lot, and if the Rainbow system can store up to 450 GB, then soon we would be watching fulllength high-definition videos from a piece of paper! One of the major advantages of the Rainbow system is the...
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