Rainbow’s End – Belonging

Topics: Indigenous Australians, Perception, World Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: July 30, 2012
Jane Harrison

The concept of belonging as it relates to Indigenous Australians can be confronting and challenging. •Many Indigenous Australians were often 'not belonging' and this play is important in raising awareness and educating a broader audience. •You must take into consideration Harrison’s context and your own context to appreciate how Harrison interprets belonging and how you respond to her perception of belonging. •Perceptions and context are both interconnected as our perception of belonging is a product of our context. •Experiences such as racism, along with our values, and attitudes affect our perception of belonging. •Secondary characters: the bank manager, housing inspector, rent collector, policeman, Papa Dear, act as representations of different community groups and are used essentially to demonstrate the attitudes of racism, paternalism and ignorance, which occurred in many areas of white society. These attitudes hindered Aboriginal communities from being accepted and feeling a sense of belonging in the broader Australian community. •Rainbow's end contains examples of what it means to belong and to not belong. •Nan dear challenges our notions of belonging as she challenged black and white characters as well as the audience to reflect, question and feel a sense discomfort about a attitudes and behaviour. •Nan reinforces a need for belonging, and how family provides a sense of belonging in scene 2, when we are presented with images of boys drinking near the cork trees, she says: “They might be drinkers, but their still our people”. In contrast to the outside world, which is invariably hostile and antagonistic, adding the conflict between the two worlds. •the lack of opportunities to gain prosperity is part of the notion of not belonging and not being able to belong: it increases the alienation from white, mainstream society and the economic privileges associated with belonging •Racism is a barrier to belonging. There are many...
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