Rain Man

Topics: English-language films, Automobile, Toothpick Pages: 1 (456 words) Published: October 31, 2010
Troubled life of car dealer Charlie learned of the death of his father. After the funeral, lawyers announced that the will, Charlie only got an old car, and his brother have never seen a succession of 300 million estate, Charlie immediately went looking for aggrieved brother. Raymond Raymond lived in a long-term nursing home. A child he was suffering from severe autism, all day immersed in the fantasy world of self, abnormal behavior, be regarded as an idiot. In particular, he was afraid the rain, and always pronounced his name Lehman Rain Man - "Rain Man." Raymond Charles abducted and want to re-change the will. The next day, the brothers went to the airport, but how Raymond would not fly, but also enumerate the various air crashes in recent years. Charlie had to open my old car with Raymond on an expressway. But the night lights of a car accident and the police has stimulated Raymond. He got off, stubbornly left the highway unsafe. Charlie no alternative but to drive slowly in a country road driving. Raymond to a fixed time for each depends on a fixed TV program, he is only in order to understand the outside world. That time, he never refused to hurry. Charlie had to take him into a private house asked to see the TV. In addition, Raymond can not change the habit of many to make Charlie laugh and cry, do nothing. Once, Raymond cross the road, the red light. He saw the "No access" message, immediately stopped at the middle of the road does not move, causing a major traffic jam. Only know to make money, I do not know about what other people from start to understand and care for his brother Charles. Once, they knocked over the toothpick in the restaurant box. Raymond immediately tell the number of toothpicks. Suddenly found his brother Charlie had a remarkable memory and mental arithmetic skills. So they went to Las Vegas, relying on note cards Raymond, the two won a sum of money greatly. Charlie was out of this economic crisis. They finally returned to Los...
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