Rain Forest Biome

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Rain Forest Biome

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The Four Levels of the Rainforest.
Plant Life

Have you ever been to a rainforest? Well knows your chance for a limited time offer since many rainforests are disappearing see them now. Let me explain the wonderful reasons why you would want to go to the rainforest. Think about it. Imagine a foggy forest with birds churpping and monkeys calling. Also you would get to see very rare plants and trees. All this and more when you come to the rainforest. You can even find a rainforest near you so you don't even have to go that far. Come now!!!

http://www.blueplanetbiomes.org/images/rainforest_location_map001.gif This is a map of all the rainforests in the world.
Come visit all the rain forests around the world! Don't forget to bring your rain jacket! Rainforests are A rainforest is a hot hummid thick jungle that gets a lot of rain. A large number of plants and animals live there because it supplies many resources. Most rainforests are around the equator because it is so warm.


In the rain forest it's average rain is 50-260 inches of rain per year. The climate is very tropical and humid because there is so much rain. In the rain forest the temperatures are usually 68-93 Fahrenheit. Why does the rain forest get so much rain? The rain forest gets so much rain because it is so hot. How does making it hot make it rain? This is because the hotter the air the more water vapor it can hold. The rain forest has four layers of trees.

The Emergent which is the first layer of the rain forest. These trees are 100-240 feet tall and are very spaced out. These trees are adapted to being umbrella-shaped canopies over the forest. These trees protect all the animals and plants from the harsh sun. they don't protect them from all the sunlight. That's what the upper canopy does.

The upper canopy is 60-130 feet tall. Many of the rain forest animals live in the upper canopy. The upper canopy...
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