Topics: Science, Technology, Scientific method Pages: 2 (320 words) Published: July 5, 2014
composition on railway lines

1. a) Describe the factors which decide the broad area of Scientific activity? (5)
b) Discuss briefly the scientific and technical achievements of the Bronze age (5)
2. a) Explain the factors that led to the decline of Science in Europe during iron age. (5)
b) What were the main features of the social organization in the Gupta Empire that led to a great improvement in Science and Technology? Discuss briefly some development in astronomy during this period. (5)

3. a) Analyse the factors that impeded the growth of Science in India in the medieval times. (5)
b) Compare the Indian and European societies of the period from the sixteenth to the eighteenth century and analyse the features of the then European society that helped the birth of modern Science. (5)

4. a) Discuss the shaping of Science and Technology policies in the post-independence phase of India. (5)

b) Describe the evolution of a neutron star. (5)
5. a) Explain Darwin theory of natural selection. Why it was unacceptable to most people of that time? (5)

b) What is remote sensing and how does it help in exploration of various natural sources. (5)
6. a) Discuss how the application of scientific knowledge has made better agriculture possible under different conditions....
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