Railway Reservation System Project Report

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Our company is basically designing software to automate the railway reservation system. To change the manual system to computerized system is our basic goal that we want to achieve in this project. We are making this system to ease up the work of the employee/administrator making entries of the trains and their corresponding details and schedules etc. manually. Secondly the system is also for FDO making bookings of the available seats along with passenger details. The online system will make the customer check for reservations and make their own bookings.
This will minimize errors in making entries both at the back end as well as bookings. All the relevant data required for railway reservation will be integrated on the same
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Customer information centers at the railway station are unable to serve such queries since the FDO does not have access to changing statuses and schedules.
There is no record of trains and their schedules; hence no easy retrieval of information. There is absolutely no check and balance of tickets sold and available therefore it often happens that many tickets are sold for one particular seat; tickets are not even sold according to departments or train classes hence leading to frauds. The existing manual system has no proper way to keep record of passengers and their details which is very essential. Fare calculation should be done automatically while purchasing ticket according to distance; since tickets are sold manually it leads to false
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The time will be decided by first presenting the suitable timings of all the participants and then choosing the most appropriate time. After the time is chosen a location maybe decided, it can be decided before deciding the timings as well. After the location and timings etc. have been decided, considering the availability of the user as well as the developers, we proceed towards gathering the requirements.
Our system is depending on an external factor; the bank management system. All the e-transactions are dependent on the banks authentication of the customers’ bank account and credit card details. It is very important to get a timely response because if the transactions are not correctly made or any other problem of this sort can really affect our system adversely.
• The website should be user friendly and easily understood by all users.
• The system should be updated within seconds.
• The interface should be according to the requirements and customer friendly.
• The e-transactions must be made within

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