Railway: Requirements Analysis and Reservation

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Railway Reservation System
Requirements Specification

Table of Contents

1.1Goals and Purpose3
1.2Scope of Project3
1.3Definiton & Abbreviations4
1.4 References

2.Overall Description5
2.1Product Perspective
2.2 Product Function
2.3 User Characteristics
2.4 General Constraints
2.5 Assumptions & Dependencies 5

3.Specific Requirement6
3.1External Interface Requirement6

3.1.1 User Interface
3.1.2 Hardware Interface
3.1.3 Software Interface
3.1.4 Communication Interface
3.2Functional Reqiuerment7
3.3Performance Requirement8
3.4Design Requirement
3.5 Attributes
3.6 Others Requiremnt 9

Requirement Specification


The Railway Reservation System is an online application for assisting user or railway manager in managing reservation in a Railway Department. The system would provide basic set of features to conduct reservation or cancellation, train scheduling timing, search for available reservation, and manage check-in / checkout processes. The following document provides the key requirements specifications for the system based on the client’s statement of need.

1 Goals and Purpose

The Railway Reservation system would have the following key goals:

- Provide a GUI for user to interface with the backend database

- Screens to reservation/cancellation database

- Screens to train schedule

- Screens to search for a train/seats based on user driven parameters

- Minimize the overall time

2 Scope of Project

The main scope and deliverables of the project would be:

- Easy, Fast and efficient working
- Easy way for cancellation and reservation of the tickets. - Get exact information about trains, available seat, charges, etc. - Faster communication

The key milestones and deliverables of the project would be as follows:

|Tasks |Deliverable |Due date | |Prepare detailed user |User Requirements Specification |, 2008 | |requirements document | | | |Review the requirements and |Requirements Review Checklist & | | |update the requirements document |Template. | | |and obtain client sign-off |Updated URS (Version 2.0) | | |High Level Design of application |HLDD | | |system | | | |Test Plan for application |Test Plan Document | | |Detailed Design Document |Unit Design Document | | |Prototype |Code & GUI screens | | |Test Cases and Report |Test report | | |System Demo |Demonstration | |

1.3. Definition & Abbreviations
AARS: Automated Railway Reservation System

3 References

Railway reservation website

1.5 Overview
The product of the requirements elicitation process is requirements document, which include functional requirements, interface requirements, performance requirements, design constraints, Preliminary Object-Oriented Domain Analysis, operational...
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