Railway Project

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Table of Contents
Executive Summaryii
List of Acronymnsiii
2.0Goals & Objectives2
3.0Project Activities3
3.1Preparatory Phase – 4 years3
3.2Construction Phase – 7yrs3
3.3Operationalisation Phase – 1 year4
4.0Key Stakeholders of the Project4
4.1Internal Stakeholders5
4.2External Stakeholders6
5.0Social Costs and Benefits9
5.1Social Costs9
5.2Social Benefits11
7.0Advise on Sourcing for Funding12
8.0Conclusion & Recommendations to the Ministry14
Table of Figuresi

Executive Summary
The report examines the project terms and conditions for the proposed Underground Railway system in Kampala to eliminate fleet road congestions written for the Ministry of Works & Transport (MOWT). The volume of traffic in Kampala has caused of fleet road congestion which is characterized by slow speeds, long trip times, and increased vehicular queuing.This has called for the Ministry to initiate a proposal to start an Underground Railway. The existing surface railway is dilapidated and was in November 2006 put under Riftvalley Railways concession for 25 years making any plans to reutilise or determine activities on it dependent on the concessioner. The space in Kampala is exhausetd because of road construction and unabated construction of new buildings. The Ministry has therefore proposed a 72 km underground tunnel which will elude constraints like ‘right of way’ payments, space availability and interference with the RVR concession.

The report enumerates the proposed management of the project with the project goals and objectives. Plausible activities that would enable achievement of the major objective are categorised in three phases i.e. the preparatory phase where all necessary documentation are drafted and approved and a schedule of activities drawn. The construction work will be handled in the construction phase and the implementation phase will entail recruitments and trainings to set the tunnel into operation. The major external and internal stakeholders and their involvement in the project have been identified and detailed. These included among others the Project Management Team, Government Ministries, Residents in the vicinity, the media.

Many undertaken projects have financial, social and other costs and benefits which assist in assessing viability and decision to proceed. The social costs and benefits of construction of the railway have been identified with costs like environment damage during construction noise pollution and vibration, exhaustion of non renewable resources ,revenue loss for taxi operators, opportunity costs foregone, and benefits of traffic decongestion, employment opportunities and improved standard of living, increased business opportunities among others. The budget estimates totalling $24,932,984,498.48 were drawn based on the identified activities and assumptions made. The Ministry cannot fund the project to completion alone and therefore various sources of funds have been suggested in the report.

With the information provided, the project will be successful if recommendations are adhered to. List of Acronymns
ADBAfrican Development Bank
CBDCentral Business District
EUEuropean Union
HEPHydroelectric Power
JICAJapanese International Cooperation Agency
KCCAKampala City Council Authority
KRKenya Railway
‘KUR’‘Kampala Underground Railway’
LGsLocal Governments
MOFPEDMinistry of Finance Planning and Economic Development MOWLEMinistry of Water, Lands and Environment
MOWTMinistry of Works & Transport
NEMANational Environment Management Authority
NPANational Planning Authority
PAYEPay As You Earn
RVRRiftvalley Railways
URAUganda Revenue Authority.
URCUganda Railways Corporation
WBWorld Bank

1.0 Introduction
The volume of traffic in Uganda generates demand for space greater than the available road...
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