Railway impact on Britain

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The first train was invented by a man called George Stephenson. This was important to the industrial revolution. Steam locomotives were first developed in Britain and dominated railway transportation until the middle of the 20th century. One impact of the railway was the speed of travel which was greatly improved by railways. For example until the advent of the railways, no one had travelled faster than a horse can manage at full gallop and within a few short years of the first major line opening, the Liverpool & Manchester in 1830, trains were thundering up and down the country at the previously unimaginable speed of 60 mph. It was a frightening prospect. Before the railway opened, there were fears that it would be impossible to breathe while travelling at such speeds or that the passengers’ eyes would be damaged by having to adjust to the motion. Other Cassandra’s, including eminent scientists; expressed concern that cows disturbed by the noise would stop producing milk or that sheep would turn black from the smoke. We may laugh, now, but such feelings demonstrate the extent to which the railways were a plunge into the unknown. This effect was excellent because people got round faster to get to places. Another big impact of the railway was that it created jobs. For example they need people to drive the trains to places, they needed people to build more trains, and people tried making designs of better, faster, safer and stronger trains. Most importantly, people needed engineers to fix the problems of trains (breakdown, or overheating).The effect of this was very good because more people got into the makings of trains. This is why trains got better and better. More impacts of the railway was that it allowed “day outs” because the railway could get you to places faster than any other transport in those days. Cities were also connected with railways, so instead of the rail line stopping from your destination from a mile or so, you could walk from the station...
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