Raiders Of The Lost Ark Analysis

Topics: Human, Innovation, Creativity, Science fiction, Idea, Thought / Pages: 1 (203 words) / Published: Mar 22nd, 2016
The theme of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” is their use of plot. This is because the story shows us that taking chances and being adventurous with life helps you discover new and exciting things. The thing that the filmmakers are trying to tell us is to go out and experience these new things so that you can make the most out of life like Indiana Jones but not to be too reckless like the people that opened the ark and payed the price for it. This lesson is successful because it’s demonstrating the excitement of exploring the world in search of new finds that are interesting and could benefit the world. If I were the director of this film however I wouldn’t have left a kind of cliffhanger at the end of the film that left some unanswered questions

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