Rags to Riches

Topics: Cinderella, Magic, Charles Perrault Pages: 4 (1458 words) Published: February 15, 2007
Fairytales, or folk tales, have been around for many generations. Most have been passed down verbally for many years and have now been converted into novels, short stories, films, and so on. One tale in particular has been told in many languages all across the world. Cinderella may be the most popular story of a troubled young girl that there has ever been. There are certain themes throughout the story that seem to make it as popular as it is. Some of these ideas include deception, disguise, images, and power. However depending on the version of the tale some are easier to unveil than others.

One of the ways that the story Cinderella has come to American culture is through the Disney's nineteen fifty animated version. The movie was based closely to that of the Charles Perrault short story Cinderella. In the story as well as in the movie, Cinderella is a young girl, of noble birth, who is forced into being a slave to her step-mother and step-sisters after both her parents had died. Although her father dies early in the story, the fact that he is a nobleman makes it seem as though Cinderella deserves more than she is given by her cruel step-mother. This shows that that she was born into a powerful family and all the while that is what she ultimately ought to have. Both versions portray her as being a kind and caring girl who never complains about doing any of the chores she is assigned. On the other hand, she too has her own servants in the form of mice and birds. Yet it seems as though they enjoy doing tasks for her since she is so mistreated. This is another form of power. The step-mother has power over Cinderella, and Cinderella has power over these animals. But because in turn she is kind to them, it is justified. Throughout the story, power is apparent. Everyone in the town is vying for the affection of the prince. Royalty is as far up the social scale as one can climb, and Cinderella makes the transition from rags to riches and triumphs above all the...
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