Raging Quiet

Topics: Feudalism, Marriage, Love Pages: 2 (437 words) Published: October 6, 2010
Lincoln Stewart
Period 6

The Raging Quiet

Setting: A village called Torcurra
Marnie- The main character, accused of being a witch, meets “mad” boy named Raver, (who she renames Raven) and befriends him and finds out he’s not mad, he is deaf and with the help of the priest develop a sign language to communicate with him. Father Brannan- The local priest, helps Marnie and Raven deal with the hatred of the villagers, by trying to get them to accept Marnie and Raven as members of their town. Raven- A “mad boy” who befriends Marnie, who is taught sign language by her, and in the end falls in love with her. Isake- Marnie’s husband, twice her age, a lord in the medieval feudal system, dies by falling through the roof of his cottage, only married to Marnie for two days Plot: The Raging Quiet is a book about a girl named Marnie, who moves to a seaside town named Torcurra, with her new husband who is a lord twice her age. Just two days after they are married her husband dies from falling through the roof of their home; the only thing keeping her from being burned at the stake is Father Brannan won’t let the villagers do it. Marnie must adjust to life in the village, despite the fact that she is suspected of killing her husband. She meets several people who don’t accuse her or murder, the village priest and the “town crazy” who’s name is Raver, although she renames him later in the story. As an outsider, Marnie is accused of witchcraft, and even faces ridicule when she returns to her home village. The arrival of her brother-in-law eventually forces Marnie from her home, forcing her and Raven to leave the village and search for a better life. Point of View: This story is told through the style of third person. The author Sherryl Jordan acts as a narrator through out the story, with dialogue through out by the characters Literary Form: Novel

Techniques: Sherryl Jordan uses different writing techniques in The Raging Quiet. She uses the...
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