Ragging is a Crime

Topics: Sri Lanka / Pages: 5 (1486 words) / Published: Jun 22nd, 2014
"Ragging is a Crime''

"Ragging is a verbal, physical or psychological abuse on newcomers to educational institutions. It is similar to the American phenomenon known as hazing. It often takes a malignant form wherein the newcomers may be subjected to psychological or physical torture. Sri Lanka is said to be its worst affected country in the world" The delusion of Ragging is spread almost among every organization that is to be found today. Govt universities are the most affected parties, which will be focused further in this article.
There are many types of ragging, dress code ragging, playing the fool etc. Ragging results in many outcomes some think it provides, A sense of accomplishment, Helps you learn about yourself, Challenges you to develop coping skills, Makes you feel like part of the group, Develops close friendships with other new members, Prepare you for emotional challenges in life, Promotes self-discipline ,Allows you do to crazy things in a self accepted manner etc. Unfortunately ragging is exploited into verbal torture and physical torture which are commonly known in Govt Universities. Presently the initial stage is prevailed by making the new comers wear a certain dress code for a period of time some resulting to look humane/pleasant but some feel awkward and uncomfortable as it often brings them unnecessary attention then making hem memorize the name and hometown of their peers. which is actually common situation to increase the friendship among batch mates . (locally referred as batch fit) Prior things are said to be tolerable upto a certain extent but this delusion unfortunately doesn’t end there , "playing the fool" which involves kissing a tree, proposing someone from the opposite sex and maybe upto public nudity often results in self embarrassment, then again verbal torture -indulging in loose talks ,singing of a vulgar or abusive song in the presence of a large number of peers, aliases are used primarily as a means

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