Ragged Dick

Topics: New York City, Rags to riches, Horatio Alger, Jr. Pages: 2 (693 words) Published: October 8, 1999
Ragged Dick

Ragged Dick is a novel written in the 1800’s by Horatio Alger. It is a story about a young boy named Richard Hunter, also known as Ragged Dick, as he progresses though his childhood. Ragged Dick is a typical Rags to Riches story where Dick struggles through the hardships of city life, trying to achieve the “American Dream”. As a child, Dick is nothing more than a poor city boy who is trying to earn money on the streets of New York City. He spends his time shining shoes for working men, making only about ten cents a pair. Although he works and struggles to remain an honest, hardworking boy, he also gets caught up with smoking cigarettes and gambling. Through Dick’s shoe-shining business, he tends to meet lots of people. Each and every day is another learning experience for Dick. There are many times when Dick’s integrity and honesty are tested, yet being a boy of good trust, he never cheats anyone. As time goes on, Dick eventually meets a young boy named Frank, who is of a wealthy family, but is not at all familiar with New York City. Dick makes a very intelligent proposal; he offers to show Frank all around the city, and take him to all the famous places. Young Frank accepts the proposal, and in exchange, his uncle buys Dick a new suit, and helps him clean himself up. This was the real turning point in Richard Hunter’s life because Frank’s family was able to help young Dick. They did this by providing shelter and more importantly, friendship for him. From this point forward, Richard Hunter was no longer on the streets, and was determined to never look back. He was able to get a job, earn more money, and eventually succeed in achieving his dreams. While reading this book, I really was able to put myself in the story, and live Dick’s life with him. This typical story of “Rags to Riches”, is a general theme for many people’ lives. Today, as well as back...
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