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Topics: Atif Aslam, Twitter, Sociology Pages: 2 (602 words) Published: October 13, 2013
“Hello and welcome to Radio 101 Fm. Its me Osama and you are listening to Masala. I hope you guys doing well. and must be waiting for my show. I’ve got loads of news and gossip for you today, but first let’s check out the new song Besharam by movie Besharam. Well it was a great new song. That’s going to be a classic! Now, we’ve got a lot of interesting things to talk about today. Our topic for today’s show is on Social media. What are the effects of Social media on our society on our relationships. As well all know that Social media has a deep impact on an evolution of entertainment and communication throughout the world. The way people used to communicate just face to face or through the fone has evolved into obsessively logging on and off on Social media. A well-known addiction that has our eyes glued to our screens with over 500 million users worldwide Social media has changed the lives of many. Social media is an obsession amongst everyone. This new era of technology has made the internet accessible anywhere at anytime. The social network is not only just available on our computer screens but also on three inch cell phone screens. Technology has helping people really speed up their life but it could also be the downfall of Love. Our recent survey tells us that people have actually shorter relationships on Social media. We hang out on Social media a lot Okay so we have a caller from Karachi. Lets here her.

Osama:: Hey how you doing?? So whats your say on our today’s topic.? She: Hey. M doing pretty good. Well you got people on site. Looking for love friendship relationships. Sometimes it is okay to have relationship. It may work. And sometimes it may not. Its all about your luck and the commitment. Osama: well now a days its pretty common to have a relationship status on social media. Like its complicated, open or blah blah. And many people are actually facing a downfall because of it. She: well I am a regular social media’s user. I use it most of the...
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