Topics: High school football, American football, Coach, Cart, Friendship, Training / Pages: 2 (759 words) / Published: Jul 11th, 2015
Parshawn Farokhifard
Ece 102 Crn#20189
Radio; Directed, Mike Tollin
Released: October 24, 2003

1. James Robert Kennedy nicknamed, 'Radio' because of his vintage radio amassment and his love of music, is a loner in Anderson, South Carolina, pushing his ever-present grocery cart up and down the streets. He verbalizes with no one and is infrequently verbalized with, until one day, Coach Harold Jones, one of the town's most reverenced men, and coach of the popular high school football team, befriends him. Radio is suspicious at first. But Coach Jones is sedulously assiduous, even enlisting the avail of Radio's mother. Jones' friends and family are taken aback as well since, until he met Radio, all his energies were poured exclusively into football. Slowly, Coach Jones earns Radio's trust and opens up an incipient world to him. He invites Radio to avail out at football practice and during games and to sit in on his classes at school, despite the initial misgivings of Principal Daniels. He withal champions him to the football players, the students and faculty. Coach Jones' life is withal enriched by Radio, from whom he learns to value amity and family ties as much as he does coaching football. Still, there are those in town who believe that Coach Jones' devotion to the adolescent man is diverting him from his obligations as head coach of the football team. There are several endeavors to have Radio barred from the classroom and, after his mother's untimely death, remanded to a phrenic-health facility. Coach Jones valiantly fights off these efforts, but he is conclusively coerced to make an arduous decision, which will impact both his growing comity with Radio and his vocation as a football coach. Coach Jones decides to quit being head football coach in order to concentrate on being with his family more. Radio is given a special award at graduation that year. Before the credits, we learn that the authentic life Radio is presently in 11th grade in his 50s at Hanna High

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