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Lecture 3: Radio in Aotearoa New Zealand

Early developments of radio technology and radio policy
Government policy and regulation until 1984
The fourth labour government and deregulation of the radio market The evolution of the commercial radio market
The current climate in New Zealand and some questions about were we are headed

Early History of Radio New Zealand Government 1900-1930
1903 – Wireless Telegraphy Act
Morse Code
The radio spectrum
Radio became possible in the 1920’s
In 1923 the government introduced regulations to promote broadcasting, private radio stations thrived until the 1930s Deciding what was to be legal, setting up ground rules. They wanted to encourage the growth of radio Gave licenses to people who could afford it

Suggestions it would have been very ‘chaotic’ at this time, as individual broadcasters would ‘overlap’ on local frequencies. These broadcasting were still flourishing

1930 – 1960
1931 – NZ Govt. begins buying back radio frequencies
by late 30s had bought back all but 2 stations
Commercial and non-commercial operation was paired in local centres. Parliament was broadcasting to people’s homes, entertainment of the era. Based on the Reithian principles
New now comes directly from the Prime Minister’s office
NZ was referred to as the ‘grey country’ for its lack of dissent
1940 the war years
New importance emphasised on Govt. Broadcasts

Further state control 1930 – 1960s
1951 – The waterfront strikes
Large scales strikes by dockworkers threaten to put the country’s import/export industry at a stand still News broadcasts out of the PM’s office oppose the strikes

The resurrection of private radio 1960 - 1984
Radio Hauraki
1966, ‘private radio
Encouraged the transformation of the radio industry
1969 – The New Zealand Broadcasting Association
Established to consider appeals for private licenses
Broadcasted music that the counter culture wanted to hear
When they were caught on...
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